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Aside from songwriting and writing in bands, I love composing classical music or writing music for other art forms by combining these two different styles of composition.  Below are examples of some music I have written in collaboration with other artists.

Since studying composition at University and writing music in my own time, I have composed in various styles for a broad range of projects. This includes modern classical scores, songwriting for popular music, and soundtrack music for multimedia such as live theatre and video games. Please see below for some examples of my work. a variety of ensembles including clarinet and 9-piece percussion ensemble, a poem setting for chamber trio and voice, a piece for solo trombone and electronics, solo piano, and also for choirs.

I have also arranged music for various projects which you can read about on my Arrangement & Transcription page.


Back Seat Betty

Original soundtrack (2014)



Dark, satirical single-performer comedy collaboration with playwright and director Joshua Val Martin

Electronics/recorded audio/samples to be triggered live and interact with the performer

The play has been performed around the UK as well as winning the Greater Manchester Fringe Award for Best Drama and the LOST One-Act Theatre Festival Award for Best Play.


Snowy Jump

Original soundtrack (2016) 


Music written for Christmas-themed videogame, created by visual animator and videogame developer Damas Nawanda, released for Android phones in 2016

Menu and title music to loop during the two main sections of the game.




Crick, Crack, Crocodile

Song for trio and voice (2013)


Setting of children’s poem Crick, Crack, Crocodile by Joan Poulson for soprano, flute, viola and cello

Performed by Vaganza, The University of Manchester's New Music Ensemble:

Soprano – Rachel Maby 

Flute – Erin Smith 

Viola – Michael Lumb

‘Cello – Tom Goff

Conductor – Leo Geyer


Crick, Crack, Crocodile score excerpt

Click image to view score


Piece for solo Piano (2014) 


A piece exploiting the psychological effect of a written musical score on the performer and explore the degree of interpretation necessary to perform complex music of this kind. I achieved this through using a range of modern music notation, extreme dynamics, unattainable keyboard effects, overly-specific articulation, irrational and frequent changes of tempo, and suggestive expression markings. 

Piano - Xenia Petrova


Shant...(er) - Full Score

Click image to view score



A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

Arranged for String Quartet

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