Below is a selection of music I have produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered over the past few years.


In 2015 I gained a Masters degree in Interactive Music and Advanced Studio Production and have since produced music in rock, acoustic, and electronic genres. I have a modest home studio setup where I record my own compositions as well as working on other projects. I particularly enjoy exploring ambient soundscapes and expansive instrumental textures, as well as contrastingly minimalist arrangements.

In Between Lives (2018)
The Malago Ballroom


Debut EP by Bristol band The Malago Ballroom,

in which I sing, play guitars, and write songs.

Drum recordings engineered by Dom Mitchison at Malthouse Studios, Bristol.


Ready Yet? (2018)
Lou Wurth



Debut EP by Australian singer/song-writer

Lou Wurth. 


[Re]collection (2017)

Dave Huntriss

Acoustic/indie rock


My first album of original song-writing, created 

in various locations from 2013-2017.


Xibalba (2015)

Dave Huntriss 



A 3-track electronic EP, completed for my MA final project. Each track explores the application of Max/MSP in modern musical production, especially with regards to designing unique plug-ins and effects as well as using Max to inspire original sound creation.