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Below is a selection of music I have produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered over the past few years.


Home, Come Home (2021)
Dave Huntriss



An EP written and recorded alone in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In Between Lives (2018)
The Malago Ballroom


Debut EP by Bristol band The Malago Ballroom in which I also played, sang, and wrote for.

Drum recordings engineered by Dom Mitchison at Malthouse Studios, Bristol.


Ready Yet? (2018)
Lou Wurth



Debut EP by Australian singer/song-writer

Lou Wurth. 


[Re]collection (2017)

Dave Huntriss



My first album of original song-writing, created 

in various locations from 2013-2017.


Xibalba (2015)

Dave Huntriss 



A 3-track electronic EP, completed for my MA final project. Each track explores the application of Max/MSP in modern musical production, especially with regards to designing unique plug-ins and effects as well as using Max to inspire original sound creation.

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