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I am a classically trained singer and multi-instrumentalist - proficient on trombone, keyboards, guitars, and bass.

I'm a versatile musician and gained a Music degree from Manchester University in 2013, specialising in classical composition and performance. Since then I have worked on various projects as a multi-instrumentalist, session musician, songwriter, or arranger.


Since moving to Bristol in 2016 I have worked as a live performer or session musician with several artists including Nicholson Heal, Kate Stapley, Hailaker, The Malago Ballroom, and Benjamin Spike Saunders, as well as releasing music and playing shows under my own name. Most recently I have performed at Glastonbury Festival, toured with the band American Football, recorded a live session for BBC Radio Bristol, and played over 100 shows in the UK since 2016.

In 2015 I gained a Masters degree in Interactive Music and Advanced Studio Production and have since produced music in rock, acoustic, and electronic genres. I have a modest home studio setup where I record my own compositions as well as working on other projects. I particularly enjoy exploring ambient soundscapes and expansive instrumental textures, as well as contrastingly minimalist arrangements.

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